Peter Döllmann

Architect and designer with a multidisciplinary approach to design, he produces an overall presence for companies. A translator of corporate design into the third dimension, creating multifaceted realisations from restaurants to industrial products. Lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.

Markus Hanzer

Derives concepts for dynamic media – both in time and space. Markus Hanzer has been working for a range of TV-companies since 1980; he finds solutions to complex problems and develops innovative design for a broad market. Lives and works in Vienna.

Martin Hochleitner

Director of Landesgalerie Linz, curator of many exhibitions, professorships at a number of universities in Austria and Germany, including University of Art and Design, Linz. Martin Hochleitner’s research interests range from the reception and impact of modern photography to iconography. Lives and works in Linz.

honey and bunny productions: Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter

Food Design, just as industrial design, is an important element of modern culture, mirroring our cultural environment, zeitgeist and state of technology. Martin Hablesreiter und Sonja Stummerer analyse the underlying factors of Food Design and investigate why food is presented in one specific way. Located in Vienna.

Karsten Schmidt

Designer, Coder and mastermind of the digital space. Karsten Schmidt is celebrated as the virtuoso of new-media artists; he has collaborated on many impressive projects, working in an interdisciplinary network with other artists. His work is devoted to the intersections of design, art and software development. Lives and works in London.

Lois Renner

Painter, sculptor, installation artist, model maker, architect, photographer – Lois Renner composes images of interiors. His rooms and objects are replicated on a small scale to be photographed with a view camera. The model is a three-dimensional fragment of his own biography. Lives and works in Vienna.

Sissel Tolaas

Künstlerin mit reger weltweiter Ausstellungs- tätigkeit und Forscherin über Geruch als Baustein der Sprache und Kommunikation. Seit 1990 baut sie ein Duftarchiv auf, das mittlerweile 7800 Düfte umfasst und leitet das Forschungslabor IFF re_searchLab Berlin for smell & communication. Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.

Clemens Schedler – Moderation

Designer of especially well-designed books, conceptual companion and moderator of many (design)symposia. Lives and works in Vienna.

Tina Frank – Konzeption

Tina Frank works as a visual artist since 1995. Her name is internationally known as a synonym for experimental design as well as visualisations of music. She has performed at music, film and multi-media festivals around the globe. Since October 2008 she is professor and head of the department of graphic design and photography at the University for Arts and Industrial Design, Linz.