The beginning of the 21st century encapsulates us in artificially constructed and imaginary (visual) worlds. It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between representation and modelled reality. Self-expression, self-orchestration – the design of the perceivable reality is an increasingly important factor in business. The authentic is invisible and life stories are (perfectly) constructed.

The international symposium REAL FAKE — reality as image :: image as reality on 28 May 2010 in Linz is on a quest to find the authentic portrayal and creation of realities for companies, organisations, people and our surroundings.

Artists, designers, academics and business experts will discuss how they interact with reality. How can pure design and photography positively shape the perception of reality? The symposium provides insights into the multifaceted coherence between business, design and “image”.


Univ.Prof. Tina Frank
Univ.Ass. Julia Juriga-Lamut
Tanja Linke
Marina Schaber
Julian Weidenthaler


Master of Arts Visual Communication (Graphic Design & Photography)
The growing digitalisation of life and work creates new intersections – methodical and creative spaces for the development of written and visual language. The Master’s Degree Visual Communication (Graphic Design & Photography) at the University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz, is a two-year programme for students that wish to learn about modern communication and the playful interaction between written and visual languages – both in traditional and modern media.

Innovative methods and techniques challenge an experimental approach to practical, project-based work. The bandwidth of visual communication extends to the development and realisation of visual ideas under the constraints of the academic fields of design and visual development. The focus on interdisciplinary thought prepares graduates for the continuously changing demands of their careers. Creative freedom is used in addition to the student’s specialisation to generate added value for both disciplines – Graphic Design and Photography. The Master’s Degree furthers the graduates’ ability to make professional remarks in the fields of Design and Art.